American Veterans Motorcycle Riders Association, Chapter 11


Freedom. It's a word that most of us take for granted, and as motorcycle enthusiasts, we like to exercise it to the fullest.

Unfortunately, these freedoms have to be paid for by the sweat, blood and sometimes life itself, of a certain group of individuals. These people are known as Veterans.In the history of our country, there has never been a shortage of young men and women ready to leave their homes and families to bear arms when needed. Sadly, our government never seems to have enough resources to be able to take care of those who have unselfishly taken care of our way of life, our freedom.

Our sole purpose is to help our fellow Veterans in need where our government falls short. We all have a choice to help - we chose to do it on motorcycles!

AVMRA of Illinois is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping Veterans. Donations of any kind are always gladly accepted on behalf of Veterans everywhere. AVMRA is a 100% volunteer organization, which assures you that your generous donations go to help Veterans.